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About Triangle Laptops

Triangle Laptops was incorporated in Durham, NC in 2004. The primary focus of the company has historically been to resell computer parts, accessories and peripherals at a significant discount over going direct to the manufacturer while also providing a local option for businesses and individuals in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, RTP area of NC.

Laptop Computer Repair

Prior to establishing Triangle Laptops, the owner of the company was an IT manager for a manufacturing facility in Charlotte, NC. While providing general IT support for the entire facility, a high degree of competence was attained in computer problem diagnosis, repair, and Internet safety procedures. With the addition of other IT experienced members of the company, and most recently an A+ Certified technician, Triangle Laptops expanded its focus to offer laptop and notebook computer repair to the local community. See more about our repair and upgrade options here.

Our Commitment to Schools, Colleges and Universities

Triangle Laptops has an established history of working with state run facilities and schools to help them procure laptop and notebook computer parts and accessories using purchase orders. Registered E-Procurement vendor and found in the Vendor Link NC directly. Learn more here.

Sustainable Business Practices


In 2009, Triangle Laptops was a finalist for the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award for Sustainability. Sustainable business practices have always been a priority for the company. Measures taken on a daily basis include:

  • Using 100% recycled content copy paper
  • Purchasing only biodegradable packing peanuts and working locally with Whole Foods to recycle their waste packing peanuts
  • Reusing or recycling all incoming cardboard boxes
  • Recycling all copy paper, other paper products, bottles and cans
  • Safely disposing of all dead batteries and fluorescent light products
  • Responsibly recycling all scrap electronics through an agreement with Synergy Recycling in Madison, NC.

Triangle Laptops teams up with CarbonFund.org to offset all carbon usage within the facility, including offsets for all employee commuting and also offets for package shipping.

Triangle Laptops LLC
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